About Us

The story behind the Dinosaurs journey to New Zealand

Our Vision

Providing an educational entertainment experience that is original, purposeful and unique! We are committed to nurturing curiosity, fostering creativity and encouraging everybody, young and old alike, to never give up on exploring! You never know what your going to find…

Our Values

  • Be Purposeful
  • Be Interactive
  • Be Curious
  • Be Educational 
  • Be Exciting 

Our Story

Did you hear a roar? Did you hear a stomp? The Dinosaurs are coming…

Flaming Phoenix Entertainment and The Amazing Dinosaur Discovery have collaborated together to bring you a brand new experience that is out of this world!

Over 30 magnificent Dinosaurs are now touring all major cities in New Zealand for the VERY FIRST TIME! The story of their 165 million year domination on earth has fascinated and captivated audiences all around the world. After a successful tour and glowing reviews in The States, it is now time to unleash these prehistoric creatures in the land of the long white cloud. 

Flaming Phoenix is most known for their traveling circus operation. Zirka Circus, the household name for circus in New Zealand has been successfully entertaining Kiwis for over 10 years. Flaming Phoenix has produced 7 breathtaking shows and traveled to over 60 destinations on each tour. Everyone who attends a circus show is amazed and dazzled by the skill, beauty, and strength of their incredible international artists. 

Together, we are committed to bringing a fresh and exciting new look to events in New Zealand! This experience gives everybody the opportunity to be interactive, creative and fascinated by combining live entertainment and amusement activities!

Don’t miss your chance to see magic and history come alive before your eyes!

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